Hello and welcome to Elly Ren Surface Pattern Design. I'm a freelance surface pattern designer based in Bristol recently voted the most artistic city in the UK! I produce bold colourful abstract, geometric, floral and conversational patterns for the fashion and homeware markets. 

I have a Masters degree in Fine Art and my career has led me through managing a prison art gallery, working in community and public art for the city council and as an interior decorator to support my practice as a fine art painter and performance artist. 

After an online course in surface pattern and textile design with Make it In Design. I found that I loved the process between finding inspiration, making mood-boards, researching colour and trends and combining these into pattern collections.  I have continued to learn about surface pattern design through a course at Spike Print Studio in Bristol. This has allowed me to refresh my skills in silk screen and lino block printing and has added another dimension to my portfolio. And this year, I'm helping to teach on this course.

Like many artists and designers, I find that there is so much inspiration in the world that I am always working. My process begins with gathering images and ideas that I have collected outside of the studio, then creating mood-boards . I spend as much time as I can drawing and mark making, creating shapes and motifs through a variety of mediums such as sketching, collage, painting or printing. I especially enjoy working to trends. I'll then decide whether the results would work best digitally or more directly onto products for sale online or through exhibition, shops and art trails. 

I’m available for licensing and freelance opportunities from my studio in Bristol UK, please use the contact form above to get in touch.

elly lovell

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